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Here a maple leaf is suspended in Little Bear Creek as it slowly flows along.

Fallen leaves blanket the ground along the roadside.

Winding curves with hills and valleys, all filled with color.

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Point Betsie Sunset Shoot Set up a quick shoot of the Point Betsie sunset with a few members of the Traverse Area Camera Club one evening.  It was a beauty too.  Met up with Susan Niles and Judy Stachnik.  We had a blast shooting till it was dark.  Here are some shots from this shoot and most were time exposures.



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Macro Shoot: Mom's Flowers I am not sure how she does it, but my Mother In Law has the most beautiful flowers and I am always shooting in her flower gardens.

Third StageThird Stage


Iris MacroIris Macro

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Spring Shoot at Empire Bluffs Shooting with members of the Traverse Area Camera Club at the Empire Bluffs in the spring leads to precious florals and crazy views.

Trillium and many other species abound, even a mushroom or two, then there are the bluffs and the view from the walkway is breathtaking.

South Bar Lake is also visible from the bluff.

The Manning Lighthouse on Empre Beach can be seen throught the trees.

Sleeping Bear's Pierce Stocking overlooks can be seen from Empire with a long lens.


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Cold 2 Day Shoot Continued We traveled north to Glen Arbor and the bay is where the ice balls had formed and we shot till the sun came out and warmed us a bit.  The formations of ice and sand were spectacular and brought visitors from all overr the country to see them. 

Good Harbor Ice BallGood Harbor Ice Ball

There were thousands of ice balls like this one we isolated for your vviewing pleasure and even more sand and ice sculptures.

Baby FingersBaby Fingers

We travelled up to Leland and Fishtown, then headed back to Frankfort for a beautiful sunset at the North Pierhead Light.

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Cold 2 Day Shoot  

2 Rockin' Days

I received a call from a fellow photographer, had never met him, but had followed his work.  Jim Hunt was going to be up in my northern locale and wanted me to show him some spots for the best wintertime ice photography.  I did a couple days research to areas where I thought would be interesting this time of year.  We met in Beulah and headed for 2 Days of cold icy shooting along the coast of the Sleeping Bear and the M22 corridor.

We headed out from Beulah north toward the big bear, weathermen everywhere touting how beautiful and sunny the skies were throughout the north.  Well it was cloudy and dark, lake effect snow was falling.  We hit Empire and the Robert Manning Light at Empire Beach.  We stopped there and shot a little, and I pointed out the Bluffs to the south and Sleeping Bear Dunes to the north along with the south end of South Manitou Island.  We moved off the beach and pushed north to the D. H. Day Farm with a pretty well known barn. D. H. Day Farm

South Manitou Island  Next stop, Glen Haven where you could really see how South Manitou Island was so much closer than before, the winds out of the north were kicking up some decent waves causing the sand to be covered with a thirty foot sheen of ice that we had to slide across to get to the beach.  Being that the Lake Michigan water levels were so low, there were pilings sticking up from the Glen Haven pier, we photgraphed these in a couple ways...naturally, here...

Ice Capped

and again with a 10 Stop ND filter...

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